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Make Change Work For You!

Sometimes things change in our life when we don't want it to (Situation A).  Sometimes we want things to change and we can't seem to get it to change (Situation B).  I am going thru one of those times right now.  I know this is all a bit confusing - I'll try to explain:

A great life decision made by someone I know (Situation A), has had a dominoe effect on myself and others I know.  This great life event meant I had to make some difficult decisions as did others around me.  I am in the middle of the pain of these decisions right now. Trying to make things work out, realizing that I am losing touch with some people that I would like to still have in my life, etc.

I am trying hard to see the silver lining in all of this.  Or to use another well-worn, but often true, saying, to see how "when one door closes another one opens".   And I am seeing a bit of the silver lining.....because of the decisions I had to make and actions I have taken regarding Situation A and its aftermath......I am actually starting to see how I can make Situation B take a turn for the better.....what do you know, life has some strange twists and turns!

So what I guess I have to say now to others going thru challenging changes - hang in there - it may be a rough ride but you never know where it's going to take might be a sunny day after all!!!


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