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First Step to Getting Life in Balance: Get Enough Sleep!

Sorry I haven't been in touch here lately.  Been way too busy.  I've got to get things back in balance. I've lost my perspective - I'm just racing around doing things.  Do you ever feel that way?  Let's see, first thing is - I need to get enough sleep. 
Sleep_Moon Ever notice that when you aren't getting enough sleep that you don't make the best decisions?  And another thing I read recently - if you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis you are more prone to gain weight....that if you get enough sleep your body will work better - and your mind won't say if you don't give me enough sleep fuel - I'm feeling deprived - so let's eat more of our favorite foods...and that favorite food might not be the healthiest food.  Does this sound familiar? Now, time for a nap to start this out right!  I'll let you know how it goes.....


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