Idea of the Week

Assume Positive Intent. It is just three words - but I have seen it make a huge difference in how I understand and respond to situations initially perceived as confrontational - in my personal and business life. (Full disclosure here: I didn't come up with this three word inspiration, I need to credit the VP of Worldwide Sales at a company I worked for - he had this on a note attached to his computer monitor and now it is attached to mine. Thank you, David. ) I've found stopping to think about the person's intent has saved me more... Read more →

Little Things Make Big Things Happen - how simple yet so difficult to do sometimes. Especially in these stressful times. Maybe we should take a cue from nature. A wildflower begins from a tiny seed. Add a little water, a little sunshine, a little time - and before you know it you have a beautiful serene scene like the one in this photo. This piece of wisdom is based on number 6 of the 12 Lessons in Leadership from Coach John Wooden from UCLA. It kind of follows the theme from my post about Coach Wooden's keys to successful living.....that... Read more →

Sorry I haven't been in touch here lately. Been way too busy. I've got to get things back in balance. I've lost my perspective - I'm just racing around doing things. Do you ever feel that way? Let's see, first thing is - I need to get enough sleep. Ever notice that when you aren't getting enough sleep that you don't make the best decisions? And another thing I read recently - if you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis you are more prone to gain weight....that if you get enough sleep your body will work better -... Read more →

Not too long ago my mother came to visit from Arizona. During that visit I took her and my daughter on an outing to Filoli Gardens. A neighbor had brought up that they were going to a picnic there and it reminded me that I had never been there. What a great idea I thought - I've never been there and it would be something special for my mom, my daughter and myself to do together. So, I made arrangements for us to go for a Sunday afternoon during her visit. It was a wonderful afternoon. The weather was great... Read more →

Reducing Clutter Leads to Inspiration

Take 15 minutes each day to reduce will add up to a less chaotic life! That this "Idea of the Week" could help me so directly with my new blog is a pleasant surprise. I really can't believe how appropriate it is for this post. How you ask? So I started this blog and I'm thinking - YIPES! Now I have to think of something to write about. Meanwhile, I am trying to do what I put in the idea of the week section of this site - this ideas is all about taking short spurts of time to... Read more →