Life Lessons

It came to me the other day as I was looking at a sofa table that I have. This sofa table has had many lives in my various homes throughout the years. From apartments, to houses, to my current condo (some rented, some bought).....I remember that I was about to resign it to the garage a couple of years ago.....but something came over me and I decided to try some different knobs on it (from wood to a black enamel)....and I couldn't believe the difference - all of a sudden it looked right. I did something similar to a bookcase... Read more →

A lightbulb went off when I was playing a smartphone app game the other day. (Yes, one of those addictive games we all play from time to time.) This one is a set of ever increasingly complicated mazes with different colored dots. The goal is to connect the two dots of the same color and not cross over the path of another colored dot. The secondary goal is to try to do it in the least amount of moves possible and get a star. As the mazes get harder, I have to really work at completing the maze in the... Read more →

I had a wake up call recently. Some life changes were "forced" on me. But they were really a gift. The life change - gave me some time to realize how "fear-based" my life had become. I was in fear that I wouldn't have enough money that I had to keep this job no matter what - I was living a life based on "scarcity" because of that fear. I am now seeing that if I had instead of seeing scarcity, I should view it as an opportunity to make some postive changes in my life. To remind myself of... Read more →

Assume Positive Intent. It is just three words - but I have seen it make a huge difference in how I understand and respond to situations initially perceived as confrontational - in my personal and business life. (Full disclosure here: I didn't come up with this three word inspiration, I need to credit the VP of Worldwide Sales at a company I worked for - he had this on a note attached to his computer monitor and now it is attached to mine. Thank you, David. ) I've found stopping to think about the person's intent has saved me more... Read more →

I have been exploring "reinventing" my work life as I continue the journey to a simpler, more authentic, thriving life. The more I delve into this area - it seems like I am not really trying to reinvent my life. I am more on an evolutionary path - culling the best of my past life and growing that....while "discarding" what doesn't really work for me anymore. One of the resources that has helped me to get some clarity on this set of insights is an ebook by Aaron Ross at Pebblestorm. Here is a link to his free ebook called... Read more →

I don't know about you, but I have learned that if I am having a hard time making a decsion in the evening - i.e. it isn't a clear "yes" or "no"....the decision is a lot easier the next morning. I don't know if it is because I am more rested and thinking more clearly in the morning. Or if my subconscious took care of making the decision while I slept. Either way It works for me - and from most other people that I have asked. In the morning it seems very clear that "no" I definitely don't need... Read more →

Here it is early on a Saturday morning, up and doing email, cleaning and getting some things straightened out before holiday weekend madness begins. I'm not going to be able to do too much motivational this morning.Things are a bit stressful on the money front these days and lots of change going on in my life right now. Trying to stay out of overwhelm. One of my daughter's photos seems like a good metaphor for how to live these days. The idea is to stay steady as a rock as the waves crash in around you. Or, said another way,... Read more →

Thriving Courtesy of the World Champion SF Giants!

The SF Giants "TORTURE" is over - they are the 2010 world champions of baseball. Stories about their journey to the championship are all over the news here in the San Francisco Bay Area and you can't help but be reminded of a thing or two from what this "team of misfits" did. Reminders such as: If you work hard and stay focused, miracles can happen. That being a team, working together, with your ego in check, can create an unbeatable energy (yes, I am a bit biased). That this was a diverse team with "youngsters" learning from the "veterans"... Read more →

Little Things Make Big Things Happen - how simple yet so difficult to do sometimes. Especially in these stressful times. Maybe we should take a cue from nature. A wildflower begins from a tiny seed. Add a little water, a little sunshine, a little time - and before you know it you have a beautiful serene scene like the one in this photo. This piece of wisdom is based on number 6 of the 12 Lessons in Leadership from Coach John Wooden from UCLA. It kind of follows the theme from my post about Coach Wooden's keys to successful living.....that... Read more →

Sorry I haven't been in touch here lately. Been way too busy. I've got to get things back in balance. I've lost my perspective - I'm just racing around doing things. Do you ever feel that way? Let's see, first thing is - I need to get enough sleep. Ever notice that when you aren't getting enough sleep that you don't make the best decisions? And another thing I read recently - if you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis you are more prone to gain weight....that if you get enough sleep your body will work better -... Read more →

Make Change Work For You!

Sometimes things change in our life when we don't want it to (Situation A). Sometimes we want things to change and we can't seem to get it to change (Situation B). I am going thru one of those times right now. I know this is all a bit confusing - I'll try to explain: A great life decision made by someone I know (Situation A), has had a dominoe effect on myself and others I know. This great life event meant I had to make some difficult decisions as did others around me. I am in the middle of the... Read more →

Aromatherapy Makes for Less Stress

Aromatherapy has always been something that has intrigued me - I have found different essential scents can relax me, rejuvinate me, or just make me a bit less stressed. For the last reason (stress) I have found my favorite to be lavendar, followed closely by a less popular scent named bergamot. I found an interesting post about the use of aromatherapy the other day, lavendar in particular. It's a short post. Take a look if you are interested. Just go here - what do you think about aromatherapy? Do you have a favorite and why? Read more →

Change the Knobs - On Furniture and In Life

It came to me the other day as I was looking at a sofa table that I have. This sofa table has had many lives in my various apartments, condos and houses over the years (some rented, some bought).....I remember that I was about to resign it to the garage a couple of years ago.....but something came over me and I decided to try some different knobs on it (from wood to a black enamel)....and I couldn't believe the difference - all of a sudden it looked right. I did something similar to a bookcase - changed out the boring... Read more →

Shop at Home - Literally!

Trying to find ways to save money is a common thread these days. I know, I, along with a lot of other people, am feeling the pinch of the recession. Some are losing jobs, some still have their jobs but are having to cut their hours or cut their salary to keep their job. But as the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. In fact, I am finding that this economic downturn has me thinking and acting a little differently about money - a little differently for the better. First of all, now when I think about... Read more →

Not too long ago my mother came to visit from Arizona. During that visit I took her and my daughter on an outing to Filoli Gardens. A neighbor had brought up that they were going to a picnic there and it reminded me that I had never been there. What a great idea I thought - I've never been there and it would be something special for my mom, my daughter and myself to do together. So, I made arrangements for us to go for a Sunday afternoon during her visit. It was a wonderful afternoon. The weather was great... Read more →

Geared for those over 40!

After thinking about it a bit, I added the words "especially geared for those of us admitting to being over 40" to the mission statement on this blog. For me, that was a brave thing to do - admitting to the world that I am over 40. Yes, I'm over 40, but I still feel like I'm learning how to live a better life every day. Some things stay the same (my joy of travel, enjoying teaching, the arts, managing exciting and challenging projects at work), but others are changing - my patience, or impatience for some things - not... Read more →

Reducing Clutter Leads to Inspiration

Take 15 minutes each day to reduce will add up to a less chaotic life! That this "Idea of the Week" could help me so directly with my new blog is a pleasant surprise. I really can't believe how appropriate it is for this post. How you ask? So I started this blog and I'm thinking - YIPES! Now I have to think of something to write about. Meanwhile, I am trying to do what I put in the idea of the week section of this site - this ideas is all about taking short spurts of time to... Read more →