Reinventing Yourself

I have been exploring "reinventing" my work life as I continue the journey to a simpler, more authentic, thriving life. The more I delve into this area - it seems like I am not really trying to reinvent my life. I am more on an evolutionary path - culling the best of my past life and growing that....while "discarding" what doesn't really work for me anymore. One of the resources that has helped me to get some clarity on this set of insights is an ebook by Aaron Ross at Pebblestorm. Here is a link to his free ebook called... Read more →

Make Change Work For You!

Sometimes things change in our life when we don't want it to (Situation A). Sometimes we want things to change and we can't seem to get it to change (Situation B). I am going thru one of those times right now. I know this is all a bit confusing - I'll try to explain: A great life decision made by someone I know (Situation A), has had a dominoe effect on myself and others I know. This great life event meant I had to make some difficult decisions as did others around me. I am in the middle of the... Read more →